Getting to know the boat

Getting to know a new sailboat is a time consuming task. We have spend 6 days in Smygehamn harbour – the southern most harbour of Sweden – going through lockers and stuff in them, cleaning and scrubbing, fixing and adjusting this and that, searching and finding out how things work.

We have found useful things such as a collapsible bicycle, 3 power drills, 8 tool box sets, spear parts for nearly everything, kitchen appliances for baking and so much more. Thank you Heinz!

Saku has fixed the bicycle to working condition and done two major improvements in the boat that will make our everyday life on-board more comfortable. The old cold box situated in the legroom of the navigation table was said goodbye to when the fixed cold box under the berth got a new compressor unit. We now have more room for refrigeration but it was not an easy and fast fix. Saku got to experience at first hand how fixing things in sealed, closed space can make screwing two screws take 30 minutes! Also the minor but irritating leak in the toilet seat that kept the bathroom floor constantly wet got fixed. We will find our for sure tomorrow if the leak is history.

20140630_155804Today (Monday) was spent in Malmö Ikea (blankets, pillows etc.), ICA Max (provisions), Biltema (this and that) and Media Markt (waterproof digital camera).

While going through the boat, we have had the change to spend time with Saku’s family. At the end of the day today when all items we bought had found their places in the lockers of the boat, Ninni and Simon visited the boat.

We tested the sailing capabilities of S/Y Stella Polaris on the way from Germany to Sweden in some strong wind and we were very pleased with how she behaved under pressure. The journey with a boat that we now know a bit better continues tomorrow morning to Rönne, Island of Bornholm, Denmark. The weather forecast is predicting tailwind and the spinnaker is waiting to be tested!


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