Love/hate –relationship

Now that our summer sailing trip to Helsinki is well on its way, I yet again came across with my love/hate relationship with deep water.

I hate it when I swim, snorkel or paddle. I rather not swim in deep waters, not even in deep swimming pools. It gives me shivers and makes me feel unconformable. Knowing that I have 2+ meters of water underneath me causes a slight/medium/seviar panic in my head and I want up right away.

But I love deep water when we sail. Seeing the bottom would be very bad news in the grey waters of the Baltic Sea. Having 10+ meters of water under the keel and everywhere around makes me feel calm. When at deep waters with Stella Polaris, I can let our ship slaves steer, keep on eye on our direction and otherwise occupy myself with something else.

I wonder what will happen with this love/hate -relationship when I sail in clear ocean waters and I can see the bottom even when its deep. Have to wait and see.

Somewhere in deep waters outside of Raahe, Finland

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