Kiel canal with a sailboat

Tied to the lock pontoon with two lines - one in the back, one in the front. Keep your fenders down and mind your step, the pontoon is slippery!

The Kiel canal is 61 nautical miles long and takes you from the Baltic Sea to the North Sea (or visa versa, of course) through two locks – one in each end. We took the canal in early July 2016 with a Vancouver 32 and spend two nights halfway through the canal in Rendsburg and one more at the Brunsbuttel lock.

The Kiel canal locks were very easy to take with two adults onboard. Driving in the canal (sails are allowed but you have to have your motor on standby) required constant steering and keeping a watch mostly because crossing ferries and cargo ship traffic.

Here’s our journey through the Kiel canal in pictures.

From the Baltic Sea to Rendsburg through the Kiel-Holtenau lock

(Click the picture to see it in full size with caption text.)

Rendsburg – a halfway stop

From Rendsburg to North Sea, Cuxhaven, through the Brunsbuttel lock

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