Sailing route from Finland to Kiel canal

DSCN2607S/Y Stella Polaris left Helsinki, Finland on 4.6.2016. After 36 days and 739 nautical miles, we were at the beginning of the Kiel canal.

This is a summary of the route we chose. It is not the fastest route to Kiel – it’s a tourist route. :) During this time we stopped for 13 days in Sweden to be with family.

Find more details of each leg and some harbour information from the Logbook 2016.

Our routeimage




1.Pirita, Tallinn
2. Dirhami
3. Haapsalu
4. Söru, Hiiumaa

5. Fårösund, Gotland
6. Visby, Gotland
7. Byxelkrok, Öland
8. Borgholm, Öland
9. Kalmar
10. Bergkvara
11. Utklippan
12. Skillinge
13. Kåseberga
14. Smygehamn

15. Klintholm, Mön
16. Stubbeköping, Falster
17. Onsevig, Lolland

18. Laboe, Kiel

View also a picture blog: Kiel canal with a sailboat.


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