Sailing route from Germany to Atlantic Spain

Find below a map of our sailing route from Cuxhaven (Germany) to Cedeira (Galicia, Spain).

We took off from Cuxhaven, Germany, on the 16th July 2016 andimg_0067 arrived to Cedeira, Spain, 40 days later on the 25th of August 2016. The distance between these two locations (following the route we travelled) is 1171 nautical miles or 2108 km.

This stretch from Germany to north Spain includes world famous sailing challenges: the Elbe river delta, the shallow waters and sharp waves of the North Sea, the busy English Channel, strong currents that dictate your schedule near the French coast and finally – the Bay of Biscay known for its’ cross waves.

Looking back, I feel we get our fair share of each of these challenges.

I will remember these waters as a constant battle against headwind, never ending Atlantic swell and current & tide calculations made with very tired eyes (and only half functioning brain).

On the other hand, I will remember these waters for the wonderful Dutch inland canals, the historical sites we visited in France, the dolphins and intriguing Channel Islands.

I guess arriving to beautiful, eucalyptus scented Cedeira felt even better when the passage there was not just Sunday sailing.

Again, same as for the From Finland to Kiel canal -route, the route that we chose to sail is a tourist route, not the fastest nor the shortest route. The prevailing wind direction this time of the year – headwind for those heading south – kept our sailing legs shorter than originally imagined.

So here’s what we did. Note that the dots in the map are raw approximations, especially for the legs at the inland waterways of Holland.



Blue dot: Cuxhaven
1. Helgoland
2. Borkum

3. Groningen (inland)
4. Zoutkamp (inland)
5. Leeuwarden (inland)
6. Grouw (inland)
7. Heeg (inland)
8. Amsterdam (inland)
9. The Hague

10. Blankenberge

11. Dunkerque
12. Boulogne-Sur-Mer
13. Fecamp
14. Cherbourg
16. Roscoff
17. Camaret-Sur-Mer
18. Audierne

Channel Islands (UK)
15. St Peter Port, Guernsey

19. Cedeira

Find more information on each leg and some harbour details from our Online Logbook 2016.

Fair winds and following seas for all sailors sailing these waters.


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