Sailing season 2016 in numbers

2017-01-27-17-33-12The sailing season 2016 was special for us. The winds of 2016 carried Stella Polaris from Helsinki, Finland all the way to Gibraltar.



This season marked a change in our lives: we took time of work, sold our worldly possessions and moved into Stella Polaris. With our family crew, we started our sailing adventure that led us to seas and sailing conditions that were not familiar to us.  For example sailing in tidal waters and currents, clear and deep waters, the never ending Atlantic swell, seeing dolphins, and sailing in pitch dark nights were all new experiences for us this season.

At times it was tiring to sail day after day in winds that seemed to be not-so-favorable day after day. At times, the nature rewarded us with warm weather, beautiful beaches and magnificent sunsets. We are very grateful to have met many interesting fellow sailors and the times we have spent chatting and changing experiences with random nice people.

All in all, we could not be happier with the life style choice we have made.

And this is how our sailing season 2016 looks like in numbers:

  • 249 days in water
    • 84 days sailing the seas
    • 165 days staying in marinas or anchorages
    • Extended stay in 3 places:
      – 30 days in Helsinki, Finland
      – 11 days in Smygehamn, Sweden
      – 52 days in Gibraltar, UK
  • 11 countries
    • 62 harbours
    • 16 anchorages
  • 2864 nautical miles
  • 80 legs
    – Longest leg: 310 nm
    – Shortest leg: 1.4 nm
    – Average leg length: 35.8 nm

And some geography and highlights:

  • Sea areas visited:20160929_155330
    • The Baltic Sea, The Kiel canal, The North Sea, Dutch Standing Mast Route, The English Channel, The Bay of Biscay, ¬†Atlantic Spain & Portugal, Algarve, River Guadiana, Gulf of Cadiz and The Strait of Gibraltar
  • Highlights:
    • Best anchorages: Cedeira Spain, Camarinas Spain, Alvor Portugal
    • Best marinas: Suomenlinna Finland, Sixhaven Amsterdam Holland, Ayamonte Spain
    • The most exceptional places visited: Utklippan Sweden, Islas Cies Spain, Sanlucar de Guadiana/ Alcoutim, border river of Spain & Portugal

We will always remember sailing season 2016.

Sanna, Saku & Anton


2 thoughts on “Sailing season 2016 in numbers

  1. Another great read guys, love the format. Love having you as neighbours here in Gib and look forward to crossing paths in season 2017.

    Liked by 1 person

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