Thru France with canals

Cruising the French canals with a sailboat from the Mediterranean Sea to Schengen, Luxembourg

Here’s some facts and figures about our 30-day canal cruising thru France from The Mediterranean Sea to Schengen, Luxembourg.

Departure: Port-St-Louis (close to Marseille), France, Mediterranean Sea
Arrival: Schengen, Luxembourg

Distance: 530.5 nm / 982.4 km
Time: 30 days
Rest days: 7

River Rhone – River Saone – River Petit Saone – Canal des Vosges – River Mosel

Locks: 147
– Locks going up: 84
– Locks going down: 63
– Largest lock: Bollene in River Rhone raising 23.5m

Tunnels: 2
– Tunnel of Savoyeux 643m
– Tunnel of Saint Albin 681m

Mast transport:
– Mast down in Navi Service, Port-St-Louis (100€)
– Mast transport by Speedy Yachttransport (595 €)
– Mast transported & stored to Travemünde, Germany

Random facts:
– Lowest bridge: 3.50m
– Min depth of water guaranteed: 2m
– 30 day France canal fee 111€
– 3 engine problems (2x air pocket in the cooling system, 1x grass stuck in the probeller)
– 0 times hitting the bottom!

Since the rivers and canals we’ve travelled thru France are very different from each other, there’s no point on giving average figures on e.g. daily distance travelled. But stay tuned, we’re planning to report each river/canal separately.

Meanwhile, read what the locals think about the River Rhone – The Monster River.

If you would like to ask something, leave a comment below!

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