Sailing season 2017 in numbers

Season of crystal clear water and muddy shake

All good things eventually come to an end and so did the sailing season 2017. For Stella Polaris the season was clearly divided into two parts.

The crystal clear part was when we sailed the Mediterranean Sea from Gibraltar to South France via Balearics, Sardinia and Corsica. The crystal clear waters of the Med are just incredible…

The muddy part was when we motored thru west Europe from the Mediterranean Sea to the Baltic Sea with inland waterways. Slowly, like crawling in water that occasionally looked like a muddy shake, we crossed the mainland Europe and climbed a mountain with a sailboat!

Here are the numbers of the season followed by some highlights – and non-highlights.

  • 2756 nautical miles
    • 1656 nm at sea
    • 1100 nm at European inland waterways
  • 8 countries -UK, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark and Sweden
    • 2 continents
    • From Gibraltar to south Sweden
    • 217 days on the move
    • 50 days in anchor
    • 9 islands
  • 90 legs
    • Longest leg: 262 nm (from Menorca to Corsica)
    • Shortest leg: 2.6 nm (within Luxembourg)
    • Average leg length: 30.6 nm
  • Extended stay in 2 places:
    • 20 days in Fuengirola, Spain
    • 29 days in Cartagena, Spain
  • Thru West-Europe with inland waterways
    • 53 days from Port Saint-Louis, France, to Travemunde, Germany
    • 360 m max elevation above sea level
    • 174 locks
    • 4 lifting bridges
    • 2 tunnels
    • 1 boat “lift”
  • We won’t be missing these:
    • The mistral wind in the Mediterranean Sea
    • Not enough places to stop in inland waterways
    • River Rhine with 3-5 knots of current and endless line of cargo vessels
  • But we’ll surely miss these:
    • Anchoring in crystal clear water
    • Visiting the African continent (Ceuta and Tetouan, Morocco)
    • Savoyeux (643 m) and Saint Albin (681 m) tunnels in France
    • The airplanes picking up water in front of us to put down forest fires
    • Isla Lavezzi in Bonifacio Strait between Sardinia and Corsica
    • Illa de Cabrera nature reserve, Mallorca, Spain
    • Scharnebeck boat “lift” in Germany
    • Motoring for days in canals with silted edges and 2m of water only right in the middle – without hitting the bottom!
    • Saku crossing the Atlantic onboard S/Y Lumikki in ARC 2017.

There’s really only one word that can truly describe what this sailing season was for us: epic.

Sanna, Saku & Anton

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