Arriving home: How does it feel? And what next?

We made our dream come true!


But how does it feel to come back to reality after living onboard and sailing for 2 years? And what now? End of the world?

To cover the basic practicalities:
– Yes, we will move out of the boat
– Yes, we will go to work
– Yes, Anton will go to regular school in autumn (2. grade)
– Yes, we will continue sailing during weekends and holidays
– No, the boat is not for sale

But how does this all feel?

Captain Saku:

img_20180520_141204835391979.jpg“To me, coming home doesn’t so much mark the ending but a beginning of something new. This is not a return to what we had before but a start of something completely new. And that is exciting.”

“However, I could easily continue living onboard Stella Polaris. Especially after clearing some stuff from the lockers and the deck to the garage. We don’t need all this stuff when sailing in the neighbourhood.”

“I also look forward getting back to social circles: seeing good old friends and family, getting new friends and getting back to work. We’ve sailed the Baltic Sea off-season which means that we have only met very few travelling sailors and been otherwise by ourselves. I miss the social life that we had at the Mediterranean.”

“I’m sure I will also miss having time just to be.”

“The sailing season is only beginning in Finland and we have wonderful sailing days ahead of us. But when the autumn cold hits Scandinavia, I’m sure I’ll miss the warmth and the sun of south Europe.”

First mate Sanna:

img_20180419_180137_988540776114.jpg“I look forward to our new life on dry land! I’m excited about our new apartment and building a regular home to us again. We don’t have much staff waiting for us but I’m sure it will still feel like Christmas when we open the garage door for the first time. I also count the days when we have a dish washer again and a door with hinges!”

“Going back to work life also feels good, not at all distressing as one might expect. The idea of being part of a professional team again and having the social context of work feels nice. I hope I have gained some new perspective and ideas from my work & organisational psychology studies that I’ve done while sailing.”

“But of course, there is a lot what I will miss from our life onboard Stella Polaris: the crazy long lazy mornings, having the window over the bed, hanging out with fellow sailors, being surrounded by beautiful nature and the feeling of accomplishment when you arrive to a harbour or an anchorage after a hard leg.”

Second mate Anton:

img_20180520_142912177277134.jpg“I don’t think about the future so much. I think we will be busier with school and work. I think I’ll get some new friends.”

“I don’t remember what I have in the garage so it will be fun to open the boxes.”

“I remember well Ibiza and I miss the clear and warm water of the Mediterranean Sea. But now I look forward to go to my grandparents’ summer house in Lapland.”

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