Sailing season 2018 in numbers

Sailing home

In sailing season 2018 we sailed in familiar waters at the Baltic Sea and broke no mileage records.


The winter 2018-2018 Stella Polaris stayed in the water in Falsterbo kanal, Sweden, while the crew enjoyed the warmer climate of Las Palmas, Gran Canary.

We returned from Las Palmas to Sweden mid-Feb 2018. After housesitting Saku’s mother’s house for couple of weeks, the plan was to settle back to the boat. But the winter was exceptionally snowy and cold in south Sweden and therefore our return to Stella Polaris was postponed a month.

Finally, on 18th of April 2018, the sailing season 2018 began and we set sails and started our journey from south IMG_20180505_151023Sweden to Helsinki, Finland, a.k.a. home.

The numbers

  • 22.5.2018 arriving to Helsinki, Finland after
    • 717 days “on the road”
    • 12 countries
    • 6271 nm – From Finland to north Africa and back
  • 888 nautical miles in 2018
    • 48 sailing legs
      • Shortest leg: 1.3 nm (within Suomenlinna)
      • Longest leg: 67.9 nm (Waxholm to Maarianhamina)
      • Average leg length: 18.5 nmIMG_20180505_185748
      • 108 engine hours
  • 3 countries: Sweden, Finland & Estonia
    • 18 big, small or tiny islands
    • 14 guest marinas
  • The warmest May in decades followed by the warmest summer in years – just what we needed!
  • Hundreds of crazy bees everywhere
  • Enjoyed the Finnish summer idyll: sea, sailing & sauna

After homecoming

How did it feel to come back home after 2 years of sailing? Read what the crew had to say at the time of homecoming from here.img_1138

After returning home, settling to our new apartment and starting in our new jobs, we did a bike&sail summer tour to Estonia and explored the rocky islands close to Helsinki. We loved the laid back days ashore moored to different rocky islets and were really lazy sailors.

Stella Polaris was our weekend home until she was lifted up on dry land on 21st of September 2018. She is now winter sleeping in her new home port Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. 

Our plan for the sailing season 2019 is yet undefined – stay tuned…

Sanna, Saku & Anton

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Sailing from Oulu to Helsinki in numbers

In sailing season 2015 we sailed S/Y Stella Polaris from Oulu to Helsinki, Finland. This is how the journey looks like in numbers:

  • Duration
    • 19 days
    • 15 days sailing
    • 4 full days in harbors
    • 2 over-night legs
  • Stops in
    • 11 harbors
    • 2 anchorages
  • Length
    • 3 nautical miles
    • Start location: N 65’00, E 025’26
    • End location: N 60’09, E 024’55
  • Legs
    • 13 legs
    • Longest leg: 104 nm
    • Shortest leg: 13.8 mn
    • Average leg length: 40.4 nm
  • Sails used: 4 (main, genoa, stay sail, spinnaker) + different combinations of these
  • Number of times we swam in the sea: 1
  • Most memorable places visited: Tankar, Kaskinen, Sillholmen and Elisaari

In August and September S/Y Stella Polaris sailed the waters of Helsinki and visited Estonia twice. The total nautical miles we sailed in season 2015 was 783.

From Germany to Finland in numbers

This is how our sailing trip from Lubeck, Germany to Oulu, Finland looks like in numbers:

  • DSCN075041 days away from home
    • 28 days on water
    • 13 days with 0 nm
  • 4 countries
    • 1 night in a hotel
    • 6 nights with family
    • 22 harbours
    • 5 natural harbours
  • 1016.6 nautical miles
    • 56 hours sailing
    • 134 hours motoring or motor sailing
  • 27 legs
    • Longest leg: 178 nm
    • Shortest leg: 7.5 nm
    • Average leg length: 37.7 nm
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses donated to the sea
  • 1 day of rain, thunder and lightening (the last leg!)
  • Countless new experiences and sweet memories


DSCN0427As I found the sailing life to be busier than expected (and just staring the empty horizon very compelling), I refused to take stress about updating this blog section of our website during our journey and focused mainly to keep the logbook up-to-date. It has been nice to hear that so many people have followed our journey from the logbook – thank you!
Along the way we did have adventures, found awesome places and met nice people that I would like to share with you. I will blog about them in the upcoming weeks -stay tuned.

And of course the sailing season is not over yet. S/Y Stella Polaris will continue making short evening sailing trips and weekend trips to local destinations in Bay of Bothnia until late September. If you wish to join us, let us know!