Logbook 2018

Welcome to the Online logbook & blog of S/Y Stella Polaris

We are a Finnish family of 3 sailing a Vancouver 32 sailboat. After sailing from Finland to North Africa and back in 2016-2018, we are now sailing in the Baltic Sea in Helsinki region.

Stella Polaris is currently winter sleeping in Helsinki, Finland.

Logbook 2018

Friday 19.9.2019 – Lift-up & end of sailing season 2018

Tuesday 18.9.2018 – Last sail of the season and taking the sails and mast down
Suomenlinna, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 1.3
Getting ready for the lift-up.

Sunday 9.9.2018 – Emptying the boat
Pentala, Espoo
Via: Lauttasaari, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 13.8

Saturday 7.9.2018 – Attending a weekend seminar of Finnish Ocean Sailors
Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Via: Hietalahti, Helsinki
To: Pentala, Espoo
Nm: 13.1
Guest Crew: Riitta

Saturday 1.9.2018 – Sailing in Suomenlinnan ympäripurjehdus -event
Suomenlinna, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 11.3
The traditional competition of our sailing club where we compete who sails fastest around our home port, the Suomenlinna islands. Did not win.

Saturday 11.8.2018 – Security vessel in Viaporin Tuoppi 2018 
Suomenlinna, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 11

Friday 3.8.2018 – Evening sail in strong wind
Suomenlinna, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 7.8
Guest crew: Matti & Maria
Doing 7.3 knots!

Saturday 28.7.2018 – Final leg of the summer sailing holiday
Kipparlahti, Helsinki
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Nm: 3.1

Friday 27.7.2018 – Visiting M/S Bohemia
Pikku Leikosaari, Helsinki
To: Kipparlahti, Helsinki
Nm: 9.9

Wednesday 25.7.2018 – Rocky islet with sauna
Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
To: Pikku Leikosaari, Helsinki
Nm: 5.2

Tuesday 24.7.2018 – This is summer
Iso Vasikkasaari, Finland
To: Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
Nm: 9.4
Guest crew: Katri & Tapio
The hammock on foredeck, fishing from the cockpit and towing the kids in the dinghy.

Monday 23.7.2018 – Friends onboard! :)
Bylandet, Kirkkonummi, Finland
Via: Nuottaniemi
To: Iso Vasikkasaari, Finland
Nm: 13.8
Guest crew: Katri & Tapio

Sunday 22.7.2018 – Hot stone treatment
From: Lähteelä, Porkkala, Finland
To: Bylandet (picture)
Nm: 4.5
What a place! The picture is taken about 10.00pm: the sun was setting, the wind was blowing and the rock was like a very hot hamam!
The island of Bylandet is open to the wide sea but on a day like this it’s a paradise.

Friday 20.7.2018 – Washing the sails (and the crew) with rain
From: Naissaar, Estonia
To: Lähteelä, Porkkala, Finland
Nm: 28.7
We knew it was going to rain that day. And it did. We were soaking wet but not cold when we arrived to Lähteelä.

 Wednesday 18.7.2018 – Late evening sail to Naissaar in strong breeze
From: Pirita Marina, Tallinn, Estonia
To: Naissaar, Estonia
Nm: 10.9
Spend the day at the Pirita beach, eating pizza and shopping since it was so windy that we didn’t feel like going sailing. In the evening the wind calmed down a bit and we sailed the short distance to the ex-Sovien military island Naissaar in no time. Stella Polaris was gracefully sailing in the strong breeze and made us wonder again how lucky we are to have her.

Sunday 15.7.2018 – Cruising in hot weather that reminded us of our days at the Mediterranean Sea
From: Prangli, Estonia
To: Pirita Marina, Tallinn, Estonia (picture)
Nm: 20.4
You don’t need a binimi at the Baltic Sea! Yes, you do this summer! Today we missed ours and it’s somewhere in the garage. Played a game of Yatsy on the way. Also tried really hard to sail but ended up motoring to Pirita where we found out that Kalev Jaktklub has no free places until Wednesday… Decided to stay in Pirita Jaktklub because we wanted to bike around Tallinn, eat well in Telliskivi and enjoy the Pirita beach. Pirate jaktkclub is not the nicest one we’ve seen but you get a front row seat for the sunset. (picture)

Friday 13.7.2018 – Crossing to Estonia in perfect wind conditions and a surprise in Prangli!
From: Gåsgrund, Espoo, Finland
To: Prangli, Estonia
Nm: 30.9
Expected to have light and changing winds on our crossing from Finland to Estonia but ended up having the perfect sidewind. Checked the maintenance work of the Helsinki lighthouse (picture) from close distance on the way.
After living in an apartment and sailing only short distances in the rocky archipelago, we truly enjoyed the freedom of the open sea!
In Prangli, we had a wonderful surprise waiting for us: another Vancouver 32 sailboat in the same marina! This was the first time we met another another Vancouver 32 owner and were invited to visit an identical boat, S/Y Far Away. Nice to meet a sister ship!

Thursday 12.7.2018 – Summer holiday but no wind to sail to Estonia
From: Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland
To: Gåsgrund, Espoo, Finland (picture)
Nm: 8.5
We started our summer holiday sailing trip by exploring the nearby island of Gåsgrund that a fellow sailor had recommended to us. And we really enjoyed the small island on a hot summer day. It was the Finnish summer idyll: small marina, wooden pier, barbecue places, rocky cliffs and a free-to-use sauna (but bring your own fresh water).
Even though the weather was calm, during the night the marina was surprisingly rocky.


DAY 717, 22.5.2018 – Arriving HOME !!!

From: Lähteelä
To: Hietalahti, Helsinki – HOME!
Nm: 20.6

How does it feel to arrive home after 2 years of sailing? And what next?! Read our homecoming feelings from the blog section.

(Updating… later…)

DAY xxx, 11.5.2018

From: Nynäshamn, Sweden

To: Napoleonviken, Ägnö

DAY xxx, 7.5.2018

From: Landsort, öja

To: Nynäshamn

DAY xxx, 6.5.2018

From: Häradskär

To: Landsort, Öja

DAY xxx, 5.5.2018

From: Idö

To: Häradskär

DAY xxx, 4.5.2018 – Start at 6am…
From: Byxelkrok, Öland, Sweden

To: Idö, Sweden
Nm: 24.9

DAY xxx, 3.5.2018 – Sailing is not for sleepy heads! Up at 6.30am, sailing by 7am!
From: Sandvik, Öland, Sweden

To: Byxelkror, Öland, Sweden
Nm: 17.4
The weather forecast didn’t look too good for today: low front was gonna past us and bring cold air, unpredictable winds and rain. We made the best use of the wind and left early. It surely was cold (+5C) but we did 7.1 knots in beam reach wind of 8-10 m/s! Arrived to Byxelkror (picture) already at breakfast time. We’ll wait for warmer weather here and continue tomorrow.

DAY xxx, 2.5.2018 – Perfect tailwind day in Kalmarsund (after an escalated toilet fix project in Kalmar)
From: Kalmar, Sweden

To: Sandvik, Öland, Sweden
Nm: 30.7
Always a special leg when you sail under the Öland bridge! We made sure that we had tailwind because shallow and narrow Kalmarsund is not where you want to fight the waves. When we arrived to Sandvik, we were all excited to be in a new harbor – only to realize few minutes later that we’ve been here before in 2014. 🤣
Anyway, it was a great day at sea. The new autopilot for the tiller worked very well and was named “Gustafina”. Our windvane is called “Gustav” and he now has a girlfriend. 😉

DAY xxx, 27.4.2018 – Early morning start to Kalmar with S/Y Emma
From: Sandhamn, Karlskruna, Sweden

To: Kalmar, Sweden
Nm: 44.2

DAY xxx, 26.4.2018 – Going where the wind will take us
From: Simrishamn, Sweden

To: Sandhamn, Karlskruna, Sweden
Nm: 65.7

DAY xxx, 23.4.2018 – Old waves & no wind, too much wind and cross waves – all in 6 hours

From: Ystad, Sweden
To: Simrishamn, Sweden
Nm: 30

DAY xxx, 20.4.2018 – “Kaffe & bulla” in good company :)

From: Abbekås, Sweden
To: Ystad, Sweden
Nm: 7.8
Guest crew: Tuula & Gerdie
Motoring and drinking coffee the short distance to Ystad. We’ve visited Ystad several times with a car and we always wanted to come there with our own boat – and now we did. If you are in Ystad, don’t miss the falafels at Jalla Jalla!

DAY xxx, 18.4.2018S