Logbook 2014

In sailing season 2014, we bought S/Y Stella Polaris from Lubeck, Germany, and sailed her to her new home port in Oulu, Finland. Find logbook updates of this voyage and shorter autumn weekend sailing trips in the Bay of Bothnia below.

21.9.2014 Blog: Preparing S/Y Stella Polaris for the winter

DSCN115729.-31.8.2014 – End of summer season festival
From: Hietasaari, Oulu
To: Röyttä, Ii (picture)
Length: 46.3 nm
Notes: Autumn has truly arrived with colder air and darker nights. Directly after work on Friday, we headed to the sea. Plan A was to spend the weekend at the island of Kropsu. Turned out that it was a bad idea with the prevailing wind direction and waves. Therefore, we headed to island of Röyttä instead and celebrated the end of summer season festival (“venetsialaiset”) there. We enjoyed the our sailing club’s sauna, fireworks with Finlandia hymn on the background (awesome!) and admired the hundreds of stars you could see from the peak window when going to sleep. After a warm and sunny summer, it was cozy to turn on the heater and have candles to light the boat.

image15.-17.8.2014 –Weekend trip to outer island
From: Hietasaari, Oulu
To: Kattilankalla, Oulu (picture)
Length: 34.4 nm
Notes: We tacked half way to Kattilankalla and were quite pleased how the boat performed considering the angle of the wind. Finally, we gave up and fought our way to the island in an unpleased headwind and growing wave height. We hesitated for a moment to enter the Kattilankalla harbor which we haven’t visited before. The side waves made the entrance look very narrow and rocky. But I guess we are mad enough to try everything once and we did just fine. As a reward, we got the entire island (total of 0.2 km2!) all to ourselves for the first 24h – and we tremendously enjoyed the solitude. On Saturday, we had the most relaxing day wandering around the island, reading books the previous owner had left onboard (great books Heinz  -thanks!), Anton was fishing and learned to row the dinghy in record time of 5 minutes. On Sunday, we sailed back home in sunshine and light tailwind. We tried the other spinnaker we hadn’t tried out yet and it worked very nicely. Weekends like this are the reason why people own sailboats/boats.

image9.-10.8.2014 – Anchorage at Nallikari beach and overnight trip to an island nearby
From: Oulu market place
Via: Nallikari beach (anchorage)
To: Island of Varjakka (picture) and back to Hietasaari, Oulu the next day
Guest crew: Sanna, Jukka, Santeri, Heini and Heini I.
Length: 12 nm
Notes: Anchorage at the Nallikari beach for lunch, to view Tour de Sky airplane show and to drop off Heini I. Continued to Varjakka island and spend the rest of the evening exploring the island and grilling despite the rainy weather. After a heavy night of rain, we spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the island fishing, rowing our dinghy, swimming and grilling. Also got front row seats to Tour de Sky!


8.8.2014 – V.I.P. champaign party!
From: Hietasaari, Oulu
To: Oulu market place (picture)
Guest crew: Jaana, Marika, Heini, Jossu & Hanne. Captain dismissed.
Length: 0.00 nm
Notes: Warm summer evening, good old friends and champaign. Life’s good. :)


DSCN10117.8.2014 – Evening sailing just for fun
From: Hietasaari, Oulu, Finland
To: Around island Kyrönkari – Nallikari beach  – Hietasaari
Guest crew: Marika and Ella
Length: 10.1 nm
Notes: A perfect evening sailing trip celebrating Ella’s birthday that we missed at the beginning of July. Also investigated tentatively how close to the Nallikari beach we can get with our boat.

Total of 1016.6 nautical miles – the journey from Germany to Finland has ended and we are now home!

DSCN099631.7.2014 – Sailing home!
From: Marjaniemi, Finland
To: Oulu, Hietasaari, Finland
Length: 31.2 nm
Notes: Escorted by thunder and lightening, we arrived to our home harbor at 15.30.  Mother nature noticed in the last minute that we haven’t had rain and thunder yet and she gave us plenty of both during the last leg. After dinner, sauna and dry clothing – nice to be home!


DSCN096130.7.2014 – Almost home! ETA Oulu Thursday 31.7.
From: Raahe, Lapaluoto, Finland
To: Marjaniemi, Hailuoto, Finland (picture)
Length: 24.4 nm
Notes: The water level is so low that we don’t dare to take the shallow passage between mainland and Hailuoto. Arrived to an empty Marjaniemi harbor and enjoyed the sandy beaches.


DSCN095229.7.2014 – Against the wind to change crew in Raahe
From: Maakalla, Finland
To: Raahe, Lapaluoto, Finland (picture)
Guest crew: Riitta
Length: 33.8 nm
Notes: Unpleasent headwind but the pizza delivery by Sanna’s father to the Lapaluoto harbor made us keep going. Anton and Riitta have left the ship. Duo sailing the last two legs. The headwind changed to no wind at all.

DSCN092328.7.2014 Traveling back in time to an island full of history
From: Flaskskäret, Finland
To: Maakalla, Finland (picture)
Guest crew: Riitta
Length: 41.00 nm
Notes: Changing wind and wave conditions. However we passed the island of Tankar and headed to Maakalla island at the open sea. And what a warm welcome we received from the local Saari family and the other few people on the island of Maakalla! We where amazed by the history of the island, the church and how the island is still governed autonomyously by “karikokous” that was held just the day before we arrived. Sauna was heated for us and we where invited to a barbeque place in the evening. After a good night sleep (fresh seawind and no mosquitos!), we wondered around the small museums on the island and bought freshly smoked fish from the local fisherman for lunch before we left. A must-visit place where time has stopped and much effort has been taken to preserve the history.

DSCN082727.7.2014 – Spinnaker wind!
From: Mickelsörarna, Finland
To: Flaskskäret, Tolvmangrundet, Finland (picture)
Guest crew: Riitta
Length: 11.2 nm
Notes: We where first heading to Mässkär but figured on the way that it might have louds of mosquitos. Therefore we decided to check an anchorage close by and it turned out to be a paradice! We swam for hours and had barbeque on the rocks in the evening sun. The night however was a bit unconfortable because the boat was rocking quite heavely due to waves. The bay is not sheltered in all winds but we definately will visit this bay again.


DSCN077226.7.2014 – To a nature reserve and world heritage islands
From: Djupkastet, Finland
To: Mickelsörarna, Finland (picture)
Guest crew: Riitta
Length: 11.2 nm
Notes: The world heritage islands offered us home-made Salmon soup, walking trail and clean waters to swim in. It just was too hot to take a sauna!


DSCN0001_525.7.2014 – Slow sailing in the summer heat
From: Wasa Segelförening, Vaasa, Finland
To: Djupkastet, Finland
Guest crew: Riitta
Length: 17.1 nm
Notes: Slow sailing on a summer day under the bridge of Raippaluoto (see picture). Found a nice bay to anchore but where invited to shore by Wasa Segelförening who had a private harbor there -thank you for the hospitality! A Very nice bay with clean and deep waters but way too many mosquitos at night!

DSCN070122.7.2014 – Bye bye jacuzzi and Åland! Heading North overnight
From: Havsvidden, Åland
To: Wasa Segelförening, Vaasa, Finland
Length: 178 nm
Notes: Motor sailed overnight to Vaasa. Sanna witnessed the sunset and raising of the evening flog and Saku the sunrise. Had some unexpected waves in the early afternoon and found no suitable harbors south from Vaasa to stay and therefore ended up sailing to the city center. Other then that no happenings overnight. We saw nothing for 24h. Absolutely nothing but sea.

DSCN064121.7.2014 – Going to a harbor that includes an outdoor jacuzzi etc. !!! :)
From: Bomarsund, Åland
To: Havsvidden, Åland (picture)
Length: 21.8 nm
Notes: No wind or headwind and very warm. Stopped at a harbor cafe on the way to buy fish and diesel. Havsvidden harbor with the outdoor jacuzzi, saunas and pool was amazing!


DSCN058720.7.2014 – To another place in Åland
From: Marianhamn, Åland, Finland
To: Bomarsund, Åland, Finland
Length: 30nm
Notes: Motored to Bomarsund via a drawbridge (see picture). Investigated the Bomarsund castle ruins, picked blueberries, did laundry and had a nice barbeque in the evening sun. Perfect day.



17.7.2014  To Finland!
From: Rödlöga, Sweden (ashore moored)
To: Marianhamn, Finland
Length: 42.3 nm
Guest crew: Christian and Mervi
Notes: No wind. Motored to Marianhamn in summer heat. Relaxed in the hammock hanging on the front deck. We were passed by 5 cruise ships at the passage to Stockholm.




DSCN047016.7.2014 – July rush-hour in Sandhamn – Harbor full!
From: Kolnäsvik, Ornö, Sweden (anchorage)
To: Rödlöga, Sweden (ashore moored) (picture)
Length: 49.2 nm
Guest crew: Christian and Mervi
Notes: Plan A was to spend a nice day at Sandhamn, Sweden. At 1pm when we arrived there was a waiting list of 20 boats to get to the harbor. Plan B was to stay in the harbor next to Sandhamn. We checked the harbor via a very narrow nature passage and it was full. Finally, plan C was executed and we spent the evening ashore moored (see picture) at Rödlöga bay with 50+ boats.


DSCN038415.7.2014 – Breaking all speed records with the spinnaker!
From: Oxelösund, Sweden
To: Kolnäsvik, Ornö, Sweden (anchorage) (picture)
Lenght: 54.4 nm
Guest crew: Christian and Mervi
Notes: Top speed 9.8 knots! Saku and Christian sailed us with the spinnaker to a lovely anchorage. Also 41 other boats have found this nice bay…


14.7.2014 – To civilizationDSCN0352
From: Häradskär, Sweden
To: Oxelösund, Sweden (picture)
Length: 36.7 nm
Notes: Left Häradskär at the dawn. Saku sailed us single handed via the coastal passage to Oxelösund to meet Christian and Mervi just in time. We celebrated Mervi’s birthday. So nice to have guest crew and company on-board!




DSCN033613.7.2014 – Going somewhere where Christian and Mervi can easily get to from Stockholm
From: Island of Idö, Sweden
To: Häradskär, Sweden (picture)
Length: 32.4 nm
Notes: Well, we did not make it to civilization today. Higher then expected winds and increasing wave height made us stay at the Häradskär mini harbor for the night. The original plan was to continue directly to Nynäshamn overnight. We hardly could enter the Härardskär harbor because it was so tiny and shallow. We where the only boat there but a local (there was 6 houses on the island) told us that there normally is 8-10 boats there overnight. How is that possible?!

DSCN031712.7.2014 – Heading North along the coastal passages
From: Figeholm, Sweden
To: Island of Idö, Sweden (picture)
Length: 27.2 nm
Notes: Navigating a narrow passage from Figeholm to open sea required 110% focus. Rocks, islands and shallow water just meters away from the marked path -no room for error. Still heavy wind in open sea and lots of sailboats coming and going. Arrived to Idö at lunch time and wondered around the beautiful island. This place is just like Astrid Lindgren’s Saltkråkan in Saariston lapset/Vi på Saltkråkan !

DSCN028510.7.2014 – Going where the wind takes us
From: Sandvik, Öland, Sweden
To: Figeholm, Sweden (picture)
Length: 23.5
Notes: Sailing finally after so many days of motoring! Strong crosswind took us over the Kalmar Strait back to the mainland. After unsuccessful anchorage trial we motored a narrow passage to the harbor and witnessed  a German sailboat run aground pretty badly. The next day we walked along the Ostkustleden and picked wild strawberries.

DSCN02679.7.2014 – To Öland in headwind
From: Kalmar, Sweden
To: Sandvik, Öland, Sweden
Length: 31.7 nm
Notes: Fighting with the headwind (see picture) in the narrow Kalmar Strait. We decided to stop in Sandvik eventhought the plan A was to get further. Going under the Ölandbro was nice!


DSCN02217.7.2014 – To a city center of Kalmar
From: Kristianopel, Sweden
To: Kalmar, Sweden (picture)
Length: 32 nm
Notes: Diesel wind again. Cleaning day on-board. See new blog post!





DSCN02035.7.2014 – Sailing the Swedish coast starts
From: Utklippan, Sweden
To: Kristianopel, Sweden (picture)
Lenght: 26 nm
Notes: Moving again with diesel wind. No more cargo ships but several sailboats and some wind generators to watch out for. Felt like traffic hour after the open sea legs.


DSCN01574.7.2014 – Back to Swedish coast
From: Hammerhavnen, Bornholm, Denmark
To: Utklippan, Sweden (picture)
Length: 58 nm
Notes: Tried all possible sail combinations to get more speed but ended up using the engine. Action bit in the middle of the sea: had to give way to a cargo ship and a fender dropped at the same time.  We did a MOB exercise and picked it up. The engine refused to start after we tried the sails for the second time and it was hammer started. We made it to Utklippan late in the evening and spend the night in a tiny marina with 28 other boats (see picture). Utklippan was a lovely lighthouse island with no trees, only rocks. Met a second Finnish boat so far on this trip in the morning when we were leaving. Also see a blog post about Utklippan.


3.7.2014 – To North coast of Bornholm
From: Rönne, Bornholm, Denmark
To: Hammerhavnen, Bornholm, Denmark (picture)
Lenght: 12 nm
Notes: A short leg with way too big waves! The waves threw us into the tiny Hammerhavnen harbor from a very narrow entrance.




1.7.2014 – Re-visiting Denmark, Rönne, the Island of Bornholm
From: Smygehamn, Sweden
To: Rönne, Bornholm, Denmark
Length: 48nm
Notes: Tail- and sidewind of 13-18 knots with higher waves than we expected. Sailed half way with the spinnaker. Sanna seasick, Saku hand steering, Anton watching movies (thanks Ella & Kalle). In full Rönne harbor side-parked as the 4th boat from the pier. Also see a blog post about Bornholm.

Tue 24.6.2014 – From the Southern most point of Denmark to the Southern most point of Swedenimage
From: Gedser, Island of Mön, Denmark
To: Smygehamn, Sweden
Length: 71 nm
Notes: We left Gedser at 5am. Motored almost the whole way because of calm tailwind. After engine failure (fixed by Saku with a hammer – thanks Gerdie for the advice!) we sailed close to admire the spectacular cliffs of Mön. Sunbathing. We were warmly welcomed to Sweden by family waiting at the Smygehamn harbor!

Mon 23.6.2014 – From Germany to Denmarkimage
From: Burg, Island of Fehmarn, Germany
To: Gedser, Island of Mön, Denmark (picture)
Length: 30 nm
Notes: Wind 17-28 knots. We were invited to joint the locals for the Midsummer bonfire at the fish harbour.



Sun 22.6.2014 – Change of wind direction changes the planimage
From: Trave River about 3 nm North from Travemunde, Germany
Via: Travemunde, Germany (picture)
To: Burg, Island of Fehmarn, Germany
Length: 35 nm
Notes: We visited Travemunde in the morning. Crosswind of 18-23 knots changing to headwind of 28 knots that forced us to head to Burg harbor instead of anchoring at Grossenbrode, Germany.


Sat 21.6.2014 – Trave River cruising with large cargo shipsimage
From: Bad Schwartau, Lubeck, Germany
To: Trave River about 3 nm North from Travemunde, Germany (anchorage) (picture)
Length: 7.5 nm
Notes: Sailing on the Trave River between large cargo ships. Anchored at the river for the night.




Fri 20.6.2014 – Test sailingperhe2
From: Bad Schwartau, Lubeck, Germany (picture)
To: Open sea just outside of Travemunde and back to Bad Schwartau, Lubeck, Germany
Length: 23 nm
Notes: Midsummer test sailing with Prof Fadle.