Who we are

Our story

We are a family of three from Finland. Saku is the captain, Sanna the first mate and Anton the second mate of S/Y Stella Polaris. We like sailing, outdoors and traveling.

Back in 2010, we made a 5-year plan and decided to pursue our dream of sailing. At that time we lived in a house we just bought with a less then a year old baby Anton and owned no boat. Sanna and Anton had never been in a sailboat. Who came up with the idea to go places with a sailboat? It must have been Saku. How did Sanna get exited about the idea without any sailing experience? We don’t know, she just did.

In 2010-2013 Sanna learned the basics of sailing and Saku refreshed his sailing skills from his teenage years.

After driving 8500 km in one summer and seeing sailboats in 3 different countries, we finally found a perfect sailboat for us on October 29th, 2014. A smaller version of a Vancouver/Tayana 42 -a boat model we had seen and loved but decided it was too big for us – was for sale in a British online boat sale website. The boat was located in Lubeck, Germany.

Sanna travelled to Germany to inspect the boat at the end of May 2014. In midsummer 2014 we backed 6 huge bags in Oulu, Finland flew to Copenhagen and took the train to Lubeck, Germany. After a bit restless night in a hotel, Saku and Anton finally saw our new sailboat for the first time. The next day we started our sailing trip from Lubeck, Germany to Oulu, Finland. The rest you can read from the Online Logbook 2014.

The lovely house that we had in Oulu is now sold as well as all of our other worldly possessions. Some memories and valuables are stored in a garage. We have moved from Oulu to Helsinki and sailed Stella Polaris from Oulu to Helsinki. Read more about this adventure from the Online Logbook 2015.

We have been told by many that we are lucky to have a shared family dream – a dream of living onboard and seeing the world. This is the dream that is becoming a reality starting in early summer of 2016. We have two years to explore what the seas have to offer.

Today, we are not experienced blue-water sailors nor newbies but something in between. We don’t have to be 100% ready and know everything to cast off. Our boat is fully-equipped for living and the maintenance of the boat is an ongoing task.

We haven’t pre-defined how our story continues. The direction we will take in 2016 is “towards South” but we have no route plan. We refure to take any pressure of achieving certain mileages or destinations. We will go where the wind blows, the tide will take us and our imagination leads us. If we like it somewhere, we will stay for longer. If we feel the location is not for us, we will leave. If we get tired of sailing or boat life, we will stop.

You are warmly welcomed to follow our journey.

Sanna, Saku & Anton
28.4.2016 Helsinki, Finland